Light up the Night and Walk with the Stars in Memory of Lochlann

Honouring Little Lives, Supporting Grieving Families through Creativity

In a tribute to the memories of little ones gone too soon, we invite you to be a part of a very special event led by Alisha, a devoted mother and advocate for The Little Forget Me Nots Trust. Join us on December 13th at the courtside of Armagh Mall for the second annual "Light up the Night and Walk with the Stars" event—a creative walk adorned with Christmas lights and candles, each bearing the name of a cherished child.

Why "Light up the Night and Walk with the Stars"?

For Lochlann's 4th birthday and in memory of countless other little ones, Alisha organises this event to raise funds for The Little Forget Me Nots Trust. The Trust, using creativity as a powerful tool for healing, supports families navigating the challenging journey of pregnancy and infant loss.

How Can You Make a Difference?

  1. Join the Walk: Become part of our walk around Armagh Mall, where Christmas lights and candles will illuminate our path, symbolising the lives of little ones who left us too soon.

  1. Donate Online: If you're unable to join us physically, contribute to this meaningful event by visiting Alisha's JustGiving page at Light up the Night - JustGiving. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to our fundraising goal.

  1. Spread the Word: Share this blog post and Alisha's JustGiving page on your social media platforms. Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join us in illuminating the night and walking with the stars in support of The Little Forget Me Nots Trust.

Event Highlights:

- Date: December 13th

- Location: Courtside of Armagh Mall

- Time: 6.30pm

After the walk, we'll gather at Vibe for refreshments provided by Elsie's Bistro. It's a time for connection, reflection, and honouring the memories we hold dear.

Why Your Support Matters:

Funds raised during this event directly benefit The Little Forget Me Nots Trust, allowing us to provide crucial support to families navigating the complexities of pregnancy and infant loss. Your contribution becomes a beacon of hope for those in need.

Let's come together to honour the memories of our little ones, support grieving families, and walk with the stars in a night illuminated with love, warmth, and solidarity.

Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Donate now and be a part of something meaningful: Light up the Night - JustGiving

Light up the Night and Walk with the Stars in Memory of Lochlann

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