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Little Forget Me Nots Trust

Build the Team at Little Forget Me Nots Trust!

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Your generosity can make a profound impact on the lives of bereaved families across Northern Ireland. A £1000 donation to Little Forget Me Nots Trust will be instrumental in building a strong support team, allowing us to extend our reach and provide vital assistance to even more families navigating the challenging journey of grief.

Why Building the Team Matters:

Expanding our team enables us to enhance the support and resources we offer to bereaved families. Your £1000 donation directly contributes to building a compassionate and dedicated team that can reach more communities, offer personalised assistance, and provide a lifeline to those in need.

Your £1000 Donation at Work:

Your thoughtful contribution goes towards:

  1. Team Expansion: Hiring skilled professionals to join our team, ensuring we have the expertise needed to support families through their unique grief journeys.

  1. Enhanced Services: The donation enables us to broaden our range of services, providing more comprehensive and tailored support to meet the diverse needs of bereaved families.

  1. Community Outreach: Building the team allows us to extend our reach, fostering partnerships with communities and organisations to create a network of support across Northern Ireland.

Fundraising Opportunity:

This impactful contribution of £1000 can be fundraised through various avenues. To explore fundraising options and learn how you can be part of this transformative effort, visit Fundraise in Aid of LFMNT. Your involvement, whether big or small, brings us closer to providing essential support to grieving families.

The Impact of Your Support:

- Wider Reach: Your donation directly contributes to reaching more families, ensuring that no one feels alone on their grief journey.

- Comprehensive Support: Building the team allows us to offer a wider range of support services, meeting the unique needs of each bereaved family.

- Creating Lasting Change: Your support fosters a foundation for sustained growth, creating a lasting impact on the lives of those touched by grief.

How to Donate:

Make a transformative difference with a £1000 contribution. Click the button below to help us build a dedicated team and extend our support to more bereaved families across Northern Ireland.

Thank you for being a catalyst for change and resilience. Your generosity empowers us to create a stronger network of support for those navigating the challenging path of grief. 💙🤍✨