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Little Forget Me Nots Trust

Sponsor One Hour of Just Be Cafes' Room Hire! 🌈

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At Just Be Cafes, we are dedicated to providing sanctuaries of solace and support for bereaved parents. Your generous £15 donation can make a significant impact by sponsoring one hour of room hire at our cafes, ensuring that these safe havens continue to thrive.

Why Room Hire Matters:

Our Just Be Cafes serve as more than just gathering spots; they are vital spaces where healing conversations unfold, friendships are forged, and individuals find strength in shared experiences. By contributing £15, you directly support the essential foundation of these transformative moments - the physical space that facilitates connection, understanding, and respite.

Your £15 Donation at Work:

Your thoughtful contribution goes towards covering the cost of one hour of room hire, enabling Just Be Cafes to provide:

  1. Comfortable Atmosphere: Your support ensures that our cafes remain cozy and welcoming, offering an environment where attendees can feel at ease and supported.

  1. Safe Gathering Space: Just Be Cafes provide a haven for bereaved parents to come together, share stories, and find understanding. Your donation helps maintain a secure and nurturing environment.

  1. Facilitation of Healing Activities: The room hire cost supports the coordination of healing activities, workshops, and support groups, fostering an atmosphere of growth and resilience.

The Impact of Your Support:

- Extended Support Hours: Your donation contributes to extending the availability of Just Be Cafes, allowing more individuals to access support when they need it.

- Enhanced Programming: With your support, we can offer a diverse range of activities and programs that cater to the unique needs of bereaved parents, promoting healing and connection.

- Community Building: Sponsoring room hire reinforces the sense of community, ensuring that individuals have a dedicated space to come together, share, and heal.

How to Donate:

By making a £15 contribution, you become a cornerstone in the foundation of Just Be Cafes. Click the button below, and empower the continuation of these vital spaces. Your support directly impacts the lives of those navigating the journey of loss and healing.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and resilience. Your generosity helps us maintain the spaces where comfort, understanding, and connection flourish. 💙✨