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Little Forget Me Nots Trust

A cup of tea and a treat

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At Just Be Cafes, we believe in creating a haven for bereaved parents, a place where they can find solace, relaxation, and understanding. Your generous £5 donation can make a meaningful impact by providing a cup of tea and a treat for an attendee, allowing them to experience moments of comfort and connection during their visit.

Why Just Be Cafes?

Just Be Cafes are more than just places to grab a cup of tea; they are safe spaces designed for bereaved parents to unwind, explore new crafts at their own pace, and share experiences with others who truly understand the journey they are on. In these warm and welcoming environments, individuals find support, compassion, and a sense of community that can be truly transformative.

Your £5 Donation at Work:

Your thoughtful contribution directly contributes to creating positive experiences at Just Be Cafes. Here's how your £5 will be utilised:

  1. Cup of Comfort: A warm cup of tea can do wonders for the soul. Your donation covers the cost of providing a comforting beverage to someone in need of a moment of respite.

  1. Sweet Treat: Alongside the tea, your contribution ensures that each attendee receives a delightful treat, adding a touch of sweetness to their time at the drop-in.

  1. Crafting Connections: Just Be Cafes offer a variety of craft materials for attendees to express themselves creatively. Your donation supports the provision of crafting supplies, fostering a therapeutic and engaging environment.

The Impact of Your Support:

- Encourages Healing: Your donation plays a crucial role in fostering an atmosphere of healing and understanding for bereaved parents.

- Builds Community: Just Be Cafes provide a sense of belonging, allowing individuals to connect with others who share similar experiences.

- Promotes Self-Care: By providing a cup of tea and a treat, you contribute to the well-being of attendees, encouraging them to take a moment for self-care.

How to Donate:

Making a difference is as simple as a £5 contribution. Your support helps us continue offering these vital services to those who need it most. Click the button below and be a part of creating moments of comfort, connection, and hope at Just Be Cafes.

Thank you for being a beacon of support for bereaved parents on their journey toward healing and resilience. Your generosity truly makes a difference. 💙🍵✨