Just Be Cafes

Welcome to Just Be Cafes - a warm and welcoming space for bereaved parents to come together and find solace in shared experiences. With locations in Lurgan and Omagh, we invite you to join us for drop-in sessions designed to provide support and connection.

Find our what others have said about our Just Be Cafes:

  • "After speaking to others I know that there is a way through this current grief and that I will learn how to live with it"

  • "Tonight was my first session. It has helped me realise I am not alone and I have overcome some of my hardest days."

  • "Understanding how my nervous system works with grief has reassured me that what I'm feeling is physiologically normal."

  • "Having that time with like minded people is really helpful."

  • "Hearing other amazing women sharing their stories and knowing that we all are coming together from a similar experience makes it feel like a safe space to speak"

  • "A very relaxed environment, I felt I could openly talk about my experience and be heard by others."

  • "Having a craft activity makes it more relaxed and keeps your hands busy so then the talking comes more naturally"

  • "The space is so comfortable and Nikcollette is just a breath of fresh air, having been through the same experience we know she knows how we feel."

Meet Nikcollette

Guiding us with her warmth and expertise is Nikcollette, who is dedicated to ensuring that every participant feels heard and valued. Together, we create a space where you can connect with others who understand your journey and offer mutual support in a safe and compassionate setting.