Baby Loss Awareness Week 2023

At the Little Forget Me Nots Trust we know how important Baby Loss Awareness Week is. It can be an incredibly noisy week but it is an opportunity for individuals within the baby loss community and beyond to unite, honour the memories of our dearly loved and deeply missed babies, and shed light on the experience of pregnancy and baby loss.

This year, Baby Loss Awareness Week offers an opportunity to reflect on the diverse journeys embarked upon by these families and recognise that each path is unique through the Stepping Stone message;

"Together with anyone affected by loss, we want to explore the steps along that journey, and how they are different for everyone. Some steps along the journey can feel harder than others, but there is always a hand to support anyone when they feel unsteady."

We invite you to join us in this important week and discover how you can actively participate in the events and special moments that are being organised locally and nationally, including our very special Candle making Just Be Cafes which are popping up all over Northern Ireland.

Together, we can foster understanding, compassion, and support for bereaved parents, as we creatively navigate the profound impact of baby loss.

In-Person Wave of Light - South Lakes Leisure Centre, 15th October 6.15pm.

At the Little Forget Me Nots Trust, we believe that every life, no matter how brief, leaves an indelible mark on our hearts. This event is an opportunity to come together, to commemorate, to remember, and to find solace in the company of others who understand the pain of losing a precious little one.

What to Expect:

  • Candlelit Vigil: Join us at the South Lakes Leisure Centre, starting at 6:15 PM. Together, we will light candles to honour and remember the babies who left us too soon. The soft glow of these candles will symbolise the enduring love we hold for them.
  • Global Connection: Wave of Light is not just an event in our community; it's a worldwide moment of remembrance. Bereaved parents, families, and friends from across the globe will be joining us in spirit, lighting their own candles to honour their little angels.
  • A Sense of Unity: When you attend our event, whether in person or virtually, you'll be part of a powerful network of people who understand the depths of grief. We come together to remind ourselves that we are not alone in our journey of healing. We are a community of support.

How You Can Participate:

  • In Person: If you can join us at the South Lakes Leisure Centre, we would be honoured to have you there. Together, we will create a moving and comforting atmosphere of remembrance.
  • Online Participation: If you cannot be present physically, you can still be a part of this event by sharing the name(s) of your Little Ones with us. These names will be projected as part of our special evening, ensuring that your beloved children are remembered and celebrated.

To submit the name(s) of your Little Ones, please do so individually. You can find the submission form here.

Together, We Remember:

The Wave of Light Remembrance Event is a testament to the enduring love we have for our little angels and the strength we draw from one another. It's a day of reflection, support, and unity.

We invite you to join us, to light a candle, to share your love, and to remember. Together, we will create a powerful wave of light that reaches far beyond our community, illuminating the hearts of bereaved parents and families across the globe.

Thank you for being a part of our compassionate and understanding community. Together, we make sure that our Little Ones are never forgotten.

Little Forget Me Nots Trust Support

At Little Forget Me Nots Trust we use creativity to support bereaved families who have experienced the loss of a child.

This includes our Just Be Cafes that happen every month and our fully funded Art Therapy.

You can find out more about our Just Be Cafes here.

If you are interested in Art Therapy for you, individually, as a couple or as a family, please complete the form below and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

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    Baby Loss Awareness Week is a wonderful opportunity to bring us together as a community and give anyone touched by pregnancy and baby loss a safe and supportive space to share their experiences and feel that they are not alone.



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Running your own BLAW event?

If you are running your own BLAW event or know of a local group organising something, please let us know and we will post it here.

If you would like your organisation shared on our BLAW page please also get in contact.

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